With temperatures getting down to -240 degrees Fahrenheit this service can help with many issues including faster muscle recovery ( especially for athletes), pain management, reduced inflammation, improved skin conditions, better sleep, reduced anxiety, stress, and depression,  immune system boost, and weight loss ( burning 800 calories a session).

Prices :

2min 30 sec| $35

Infrared Body Wrap

The body is dry brushed & coated with a heat activating gel. You are then wrapped in cellophane and placed in an Infrared blanket.

Benefits of Infrared body wrap:

Burn up to 700 calories per hour
Better sleep

 Reduced inflammation,

Improve collagen production

Decrease muscle soreness &

Improved blood circulation

Prices :

Has Arrived

60 min | $75

Female Intimate Cleanse (Vajacial)

This service is also known as the vajacial more commonly known as a facial for your intimate area. We start with a double cleanse then exfoliating the area, we extract black and white heads, treat ingrown hairs,  & prevent future breakouts.

Prices :

45min| $65

Pure Bliss

Body Scrub

This treatment begins with a full body exfoliating scrub, removing dead skin and toxins from the body. Tension & stress melts away with the scrub, we then polish the skin with a hydrating moisturizer restoring the skins natural shine. 

Prices :


Male Intimate Cleanse


This facial is for down there. We begin with a gentle cleanser, we then exfoliate the area removing dead skin cells, extraction of blackheads, white heads & treat ingrown hairs to prevent future breakouts . We wrap up the service by adding a nice hydrator to keep the skin soft.

Prices :

45min| $75

Body Contouring

A non-invasive process using ultrasonic cavitation, also known as "Laser lipo-sculpture" and "thermal lift" using radio-frequency energy. These treatments help eliminate fat, tighten skin, and smooth cellulite.



Prices :

85$ per session